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Getting Familiar With The Property Management World - Contacts You Should Have -

If we do not have services listed in your area of residence, please contact us to speak to an employee directly


Provided below are a few helpful links and phone numbers for landlords and tenants.

Laws and By-Laws:

Ontario E-laws

City of Kitchener

City of Waterloo

City of Cambridge

Region of Waterloo

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke Detectors

Ontario Landlord & Tenant Board – home page

Local Services:

Kitchener Utilities: Gas and Water   519-741-2450

Kitchener Wilmot Hydro     519-743-3600

City of Cambridge: Water    519-623-1340

North Dumfries Hydro     519-621-3530

Union Gas      519-885-7400

City of Waterloo: Water    519-886-1550

Waterloo North Hydro    519-886-5090

Reliance      519-821-2998

Enercare Connections:  Electric    1-866-449-4423

Bell       1-800-667-0123

Rogers      1-855-381-7834

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Covid-19 Policies and Reminders

Ensuring you stay safe, healthy and aware in these trying times

The Coronavirus has had a huge impact on all of our lives, but Guardian is still available to cater towards your every property need.  There are certain guidelines that must be enforced by landlords and followed by tenants while on the premises to protect and be considerate of everyone's safety.

Helpful Resources: Welcome
Kayak Stack

Due to Covid-19, our move-in inspections are handled in the following manner:

  • The rental agents will come outside to meet you at the front door at your scheduled time.

  • Masks are required for both agents and applicants

  • Agent will give you the keys and collect from you, your money order, and 10 post dated rent cheques while practicing safe distancing of 6ft. 

  • They will provide you with the keys and collect from you, your money order and 10 post dated rent cheques while doing their best to adhere to safe distancing of 6 feet. 

  • You will have a brief moment to review the inspection report and sign the documents (any noted concerns or required maintenance after this point will need to be communicated via email to

  • You will receive a copy of the move-in inspection report for your records shortly after.  You will be asked to review the inspection report and smoke alarm report and sign both documents, usually taking about 15 minutes.  During this time, everyone will be in the home, but doing their best to adhere to safe distancing of 6 feet.

  •  You will receive a scanned copy of the move-in inspection report for your records shortly thereafter. 

If any concerns or required maintenance are noticed after the agents have left, please communicate these issues via email to

Mask Maker

There are two bylaws, one for transit and one for other indoor spaces. The bylaw for indoor spaces will also now include communal spaces in multi-residential buildings and taxis.

The bylaw asks anyone who can wear a mask to do so. The exceptions include young children and people with health conditions that make it hard for them to wear a mask. There is no requirement for people to prove they have a health condition.

Insurance Agent

We take the health and safety of our residents, our employees and contractors very seriously. Safety is the top priority.  This premise has never been more important than during Covid-19. 

For everyone’s protection, all our inspectors, maintenance contractors and affiliated service providers always wear a mask upon entering homes.  We ask all residents to also wear a mask while we are entering homes.  In addition, upon provision of our notices of entry, we ask if tenants are well, and if they have any signs or symptoms of Covid-19.  Entry for non-emergent concerns is re-scheduled if required.

Our understanding of the current legislation, safety practices, and compassion for those struggling with the ramifications of the world-wide pandemic is part of what sets our company apart. 

-We care for people, not just properties-

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