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Need to end your tenancy?

As your original lease term nears completion, you can give 60 days notice (2 full months) by emailing your service provider a completed N9 form to end your tenancy. See instructions on how to end your tenancy below.


How to provide notice to end your tenancy:

Please fill out an N9 form (Tenant’s Notice to End the Tenancy).


Here are instructions on how to complete this form:

  • Landlord’s Name: This is your landlord's name as outlined on the top of page 1 of your lease agreement (It is not Guardian Property Management). If you are unsure of your landlord's name, please ask your service provider.

  • Tenant’s Name: List all tenant names on the lease agreement.

  • Address of Rental Unit: Write your full unit address as it is written on your lease agreement. Be sure to include the Province and Postal Code.

  • Tenancy Termination Date: This date must be the last date of the month, and must be a minimum of 60 days (2 full months) notice from the date you are submitting this form to your service provider. If you are moving earlier than 60 days and are interested in having the unit re-rented for an earlier date than your tenancy termination date, please speak with your service provider about your options.

  • Signature Page (Page 3): Fill in your first and last name, phone number, and sign and date. Each tenant needs to print a separate copy of this page and fill it out separately. Please note, we do not accept electronic signatures.


To submit your notice, send an email to your service provider with the completed N9 attached. If you do not have a scanner, you can take a clear and sharp photo of each page of your N9.


Service Providers:







Pre-move Out Inspection:

We will complete a pre-move out inspection after your notice to vacate is received. During this inspection, we check the overall unit condition and determine if repairs or improvements are required.


Move Out Inspection:

At the end of your tenancy, we will meet with you to complete a move out inspection and collect your keys. During this inspection, we confirm the unit is being returned empty and in clean move in ready condition. Tenants are responsible for cleaning the unit. Please reference this cleaning checklist:

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