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Your Trusted Experts

Guardian Property Management would not be able to function so efficiently without our amazing, hardworking team. Like you as customers, they are vital to our success.




Joanne is our company president and brings over 30 years of experience managing homes in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and the extended tri-cities.  Her wealth of experience, wisdom and empathy makes our company unique. As an owner and manager of her own rental properties, she truly understands the business and market from a first person perspective, and wants to share this experience with you with impeccable service, commitment and integrity.

(519) 634-5335, Ext. 223



Office Manager / Client Services

Tamara is your direct contact for any questions or concerns related to rents or finances.  Not only does she bring 15 years of experience, but she also brings exemplary hard work, dedication, attention to detail and professionalism to her tasks each and every day. 

(519) 634-5335, Ext. 221

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Client Services

Taylor is a dedicated client service advisor. She has a wealth of customer service experience. Taylor takes pride in assisting both owners and tenants, ensuring a smooth and positive experience for all involved.

(519) 634-5335, Ext. 227

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Client Services

Peter is a client service advisor.  He has been working within the construction and service industry for several years during his professional career. He enjoys interacting with owners, tenants and contractors daily to service a wide variety of issues. Peter’s personal mission is to ‘resolve issues and make the people around him feel safe and happy.’  

(519) 634-5335, Ext. 225

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Leasing Agents

Karen and Larry are a married couple and this partnership extends to their work! They are a rental agent duo and are committed to assessing your wants and needs to ensure you find a beautiful place to call home.

(226) 647-5522

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